AI Capitalize provides an artificial intelligence-based prediction of financial assets' intraday prices and weekly trends.

The AI Capitalize AI-based algorithm doesn't always guess correctly. What the AI Capitalize algorithm does well is predicting prices and trends, under normal market price action circumstances. When no disrupting events exist, AI Capitalize predicts tomorrow's price or next week's price trend with a decent accuracy rate.

AI Capitalize's objective

AI Capitalize aims to investors in their financial assets buying and selling decisions. AI Capitalize takes into account past and future (projected) financial data. It's an automated system with minimum human interference, backed by machine learning algorithms.

AI Capitalize AI Proof-of-concept (Analysis on May, 14th, 2022)

Looking into proof of concept, 390, out of the 707 NASDAQ and NY Stock Exchange stocks, have a 70% or above accuracy rate for tomorrow's price.

On the weekly trend in the proof of concept page, we can identify 248, out of 696 NASDAQ and NY Stock Exchange stocks, which have a 100% accuracy rate.

In the example of (ABBV) AbbVie stock, the next day's price accuracy for the last three days was 82.74%. ABBV last six sessions had a 100% accuracy rate for the Next Week prediction trend.

How can I get access to the AI Capitalize data?

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AI Capitalize Rank

What's the AI Capitalize rank?

Alongside the AI-based algorithms, we constructed the AI Capitalize rank to measure the "buyability" of a financial asset according to its technical data and fundamentals.

How to read the AI Capitalize rank?

AI Capitalize is a real-time financial assets' buying strength rank. The AI Capitalize financial assets rank from 0 to 100, where 0 is not considered a good buy and 100 represents an excellent buy.

Indicators included in the rank are ROI, growth and sales estimates, revenue, earnings, dividend yield, profit margin, stochastic indicator, volatility trends, RSI, moving average, other projected data, and more.

AI Capitalize Rank Future separates five different periods for different investment strategies. The Now and Current Week is interesting to day-traders or swing traders, the Current Quarter, Next Quarter, and Current Year are more suitable for long-term or value investors

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